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Zoom in schools, workshops and art talks for an open museum

Museum of Cycladic Art

Terms of reuse
CC BY 2.0

Type of best practice
Pandemic impacts and post-pandemic relaunching of Cultural Heritage

online guided tours, school visits, audience engagement, pandemic effects


During the pandemic, all museum activities were suspended as museums were forced to close. The Museum of Cycladic Art transferred all its activities to an online format and delivered them through Zoom, including workshops and art talks. Following the end of the pandemic and the relaunch of all museum activities, while the hybrid format is still available for certain events such as art talks, there is one activity, which is still offered online and is called “Zoom in Schools”. More specifically, the museum offers virtual tours through zoom for schools located in remote places such as remote island schools with a limited number of pupils who cannot travel to the museum. This activity is available on demand, and it is quite easy to facilitate. At the same time, it is ensured that the museums and cultural organizations are open to and impact all, no matter where they are located.

Organisation in charge of best practice
Museum of Cycladic Art


It can take place frequently, based on demand.


The aim of this good practice is to make available the museum collection to a wider audience which cannot visit the museum due to geographical constraints. This way, the museum collection and also its values are also spread and influence beyond the local community and borders.

More specifically, the Museum of Cycladic Art offers live streaming interactive guided tours for schools outside of Athens that cannot visit the Museum. The students experience web tours to the exhibitions of the Museum by the museum educators, while they can ask questions, interact and participate to the various activities during the tour.

Children have the opportunity to tour the first floor of the Museum, hosting the Cycladic figurines. Photos, drawings, videos and activities provide students the opportunity to actively participate and to learn in a fun way, through interaction. The tour takes place in the Museum Hall and is carried out with stops at different showcases, featuring figurines and other exhibits. At every stop/showcase, a different theme is presented.

The program is addressed, with the appropriate adjustments, to children in Kindergarten, Elementary and High School.


Resources needed
In order to implement the good practice successfully, a stable and fast internet connection is required. At the same time, a smart phone, a detachable mobile phone tripod for live streaming, Zoom or other similar platform subscription are recommended.

Challenges encountered
• The main challenge is to have good internet access, which is not always the case if the school is in a remote island for instance. Apart from that, good coordination with the interested school is required so the event starts and ends on time.

Evidence of success
The “Zoom in Schools” best practice started during the pandemic when the museum was closed. Given the fact that even after the pandemic this activity is very popular among remote schools, can be considered a very successful best practice which makes the museum open to all.

Potential for transfer
• This best practice can be easily transferred to any cultural heritage product in a cultural institution which wants to open its doors beyond the local community.

Further Information
More info is available on the Museum of Cycladic Art's website:

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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