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CulTourData - Supporting data-driven innovation for tourism SMEs in European Capitals of Culture


Terms of reuse
CC BY 2.0

Type of best practice
Innovation (including 3D, AI, Big data, Metaverse, etc)

culture, tourism, data, creative industries


CulTourData is a European project born to strengthen the arrangement of a multidisciplinary ecosystem involving players in tourism, Creative and Cultural sectors and digital fields. The project enhances data-driven, accessible and transformative cultural tourism across Europe by organizing a two-fold support scheme that targets both tourism SMEs and European Capitals of Culture. The project will stimulate the rise of better accelerator programs in the ECoCs.

Organisation in charge of best practice

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia

January 2022 - January 2024


The project targets tourism SMEs in the European Capitals of Culture and supports them to: Develop a data-driven approach beyond the right website, tool or application, helping them grasp the importance of making data and analytics part of the tourism business strategies, offers and products, of their organizational processes and culture, if they want to be competitive, sustainable and attractive; Build the link between tourism destinations and tourism SMEs; the project focus on European Capitals of Culture and stretches the year event over a long- lasting period – from about ten years before the bid to a very long legacy – and actively involves tourism SMEs in the co-creation of the event, so as to spur sustainable tourism and sustainable development; Create a multidisciplinary business approach that leverages synergies between tourism, culture, creativity and digital technology; Experience a challenging funnel-like support scheme that includes capacity building, mentoring and learning, along with a collaborative creativity-oriented matchmaking, other than opportunities for financial support; Immerse themselves into a fun, evidence-based assessment process that combines communication, impact evaluation and self-assessment.


Resources needed
Cascade Funding of 70.000 euro - Online platform -

Challenges encountered
Engagement of SMEs in the call for funding.

Evidence of success
Over 30 cities past, current, future and running ECoCs supported the action - 60 projects funded for the cooperation between tourism SMEs, CCIs and data experts - longlist of 150 CCIs and data experts from all over Europe

Potential for transfer
Applicable in other European Capitals of Culture - Applicable in any area of Europe where the CCIs and Tourism are ready to cooperate with tech and digital experts.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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