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ReInHerit Eshop - Collection of digital objects from the ReInHerit museums

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Terms of reuse
CC BY 2.0

Type of best practice
Cooperation between Museums and Heritage sites

Eshop, collections, audience engagement


The aim is to create a sustainably managed E-shop where needed services for the CH are provided. With the consent of the consortium, printable digital items were created. This means that the users could download and print in 2D or 3D these digital items.

Organisation in charge of best practice
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, ReInHerit Consortium

Nicosia and online

July 2022-end of the project


Taking into account the primary and secondary research, the consortium agreed to create printable digital items instead of tangible objects, responding thus to the need for museums to demonstrate environmental sustainability by making effective and balanced use of their resources through digital needs. This means that the users could download and print in 2D or 3D these digital items that will be available for free through the digital hub. The E-shop presentation has been agreed upon with UniGraz (WP4 leader) and BOCCF (during meetings through M8-10). At the same time, the three partner-museums proposed some of their artefacts to serve as the inspiration for the E-shop products.

All the digital objects in the ReInHerit eShop are free to download.


Resources needed
Designers, digital infrastructure

Challenges encountered
communication with designers

Evidence of success
Based on KPIs, more than 200 people have downloaded the products

Potential for transfer
This report could constitute a guide on how to develop an E- shop. It documents the development of the ReInHerit E-shop including the ‘how to’ process. This could enable other small and mid-sized museums to understand and develop their own E-shop responding, thus, to social imperatives combined with financial pressure such as growth of companies and raise of entrepreneurial initiatives.

Further Information
The Eshop report includes in the annexes guidelines on how to start a successful online shop

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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