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Georgian Travel Guide - Online Guide for travelers in Georgia


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CC BY 2.0

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Audience and Local Community Engagement

Travel Guide, Georgia country, Digital presence


Georgian Travel Guide - This is a group of passionate travelers that have put together a comprehensive platform on sites in Georgia with the goal of making travel experience in Georgia as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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Georgian Travel Guide

Georgia, online



Georgian Travel Guide is founded by travelers with the desire to share the exciting places all around Georgia which we have experienced ourselves. In the early days of the platform, it was only sharing information about places and means to reach the destination. As the platform was evolving it introduced powerful e-commerce tools to help small and medium tourism businesses to enhance their digital presence and chances to compete in the modern digital age.

The tourism platform includes web pages, mobile applications (android and iOS), and social media channels. It have several goals one of which is to share the love and excitement of traveling in Georgia.

Georgian Travel Guide

Via GeorgianTravelGuide.Com, we are trying to provide you with the information about Georgia’s most interesting and remarkable places in the most convenient way, what will assist you to select the optimal routes and plan the tours effectively.

Every opinion counts.

Every initiative and person is welcome who wants to contribute in the popularization of Georgia and development of its tourism potential.

We believe that sharing the knowledge and experience with each other will make our journeys more comfortable and refreshing.

Contact Information

Are you a traveler in need of help? Are you a guide, driver or hotel owner? Are you looking for partnership with us? Do you have any problem on our website? Do you want to give us some feedback? Feel free to contact us anytime...


Resources needed
Programming services are needed.

Challenges encountered
The eCommerce in domestic tourism is quite new. Travelers are not used to buying tourism services online. Pushing eCommerce and online procurement in tourism to make it mainstream, to gain the trust of customers and show that their interest is top priority.

Evidence of success
There are plenty of places which the general public does not know. By promoting fewer known places, Georgian Travel Guide is introducing new ways of experiencing country. One of the other goals is to support people in regions who are traditionally and naturally good at hospitality, however, they have little skills at promoting their service or digital marketing.

Potential for transfer
Applicable in any area of Europe where Tourism is ready to cooperate with tech and digital travelers.

Further Information
Georgian Travel Guide follows the overall goal of the company to build a travel ecosystem that will meet all the needs of travelers. They are in constant development and iteration process to improve and create a better experience for customers.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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