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A public forum for the ReInHerit community.

Join the ReInHerit community!

The ReInHerit community has a forum, where we host periodic chats and we have dedicated channels to discuss the webinars, the applications, and a variety of themes in cultural heritage management and tourism.

Everyone is welcome to join! The Forum is hosted on Zulip. You will need to register (you can do so, by creating an account or by logging in with your GitHub or Google accounts).

In the platform, you will find Streams, i.e. top-level themes organising our chats, and topics, i.e. each different thread. The streams include the ReInHerit products (applications, toolkit, webinars, etc.) and themes (cultural tourism, technology in heritage, etc.), as well as a general chatroom and our ReInHerit chats series (i.e. moderated chats happening twice a month). Within each of these streams, you will find different topics, i.e. discussing each of the ReInHerit applications, or for each 'episode' of our ReInHerit chat.

Zulip is an open source software, with a very detailed document about its data protection policies: you can find more here on GDPR compliance; here in regards of the Privacy Policy, including also GDPR Compliance of the Zulip Cloud, which hosts our chats.

Enter the Forum

Quick graphic guide

Once you login, you will see a screen divided in three columns:

  • On the left, you will have a sidebar that allows you to: quickly navigate to things that might interest you the most (recent messages, direct messages, drafts, and starred ones); direct messages (these are private messages between you and other users); and the streams. The streams are macro-themes, grouping different topics (you can think of them as chat rooms, including different chats on that theme); within a stream, you can open a new topic or answer to existing ones.
  • In the central, larger section, you see the messages and, at the bottom of your screen, you will have the box for entering your text.
  • On the right, you can see if other users are online, and eventually invite colleagues to join the forum.
Forum Graphic Guide

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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