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Project Proposal: AIFOCUS Smart Interaction and Digital Contents (AI/CV) | SmartLens & VIOLA Multimedia Chatbot

Smart Lens and VIOLA Multimedia Chatbot web apps of the ReInHerit Toolkit were tested and redesigned during a hackathon organised as part of the AI&XR Summer School held in Matera in July 2023.

AIFOCUS | ReInHerit Hackathon - Summer School Matera 2023

AIFOCUS | ReInHerit Hackathon - Summer School Matera 2023


A multidisciplinary group of young PhD students worked on the theme "Smart Interaction and Digital Content", testing the Viola Chatbot and SmartLens apps, using open-source codes from Digital Hub and adapted them to artworks from some local museums. This co-creation process has revealed new potential technological developments for the ReinHerit apps and new user interaction scenarios.

  • Antonio Aprile PAVANA A.P.S, Italy
  • Fabio Vangi POLIBA Politecnico Bari, Italy 
  • Giorgia Crosilla UNIBO Università Bologna, Italy
  • Jasmine Santinelli UNIBG Università  Bergamo, Italy
  • Matteo Fabiani UNIVPM Università Politecnica delle Marche 
  • Silvia Liaci UNIBAS Università Basilicata, Italy

During the week, international speakers and famous experts debated and engaged with international students and researchers with different educational content and skills.


  • Marco Bertini Media Integration and Communication Center, UNIFI IT
  • Paolo Mazzanti Media Integration and Communication Center, UNIFI IT
  • Filippo Principi Media Integration and Communication Center, UNIFI IT
  • with the support of Luca Melchionna - “Machineria - Stories that Work"
  • coordinated by  Raffaele Vitulli MateraHUB

AIFOCUS | ReInHerit Hackathon - Summer School Matera 2023


The co-creation process introduced new technological advances for applications and user interaction scenarios, thus improving engagement, inclusivity and introducing new design features. The project proposal, entitled 'AIFOCUS', aims to merge the chatbot 'VIOLA' and the Smart Lens to create an interactive art experience that provides insights into artworks through conversation. Users can explore artworks using the smartphone camera, exploring details through the enjoyment of multimedia content. The aim is to promote knowledge among young people and trigger their curiosity about art, making learning an engaging and accessible activity for all. Users have the possibility to scan the specific details they like to explore with their smartphone camera. Once the web application is opened, users can explore and discover the complexities of the artwork. They can also initiate a conversation with the chatbot, which provides answers about the scanned details. As a case study adapted to the local context, the Matera Cathedral nativity scene was chosen.

During the hackathon, professionals and experts were invited to chat  via  the Digital Hub Forum to support students as they work, answering questions and sharing ideas and suggestions in a co-creative and interdisciplinary approach.


VIOLA Multimedia Chatbot video presentation:

SmartLens video presentation:

Click this button to download the presentation of project concepts by the participants.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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