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Engaging Museum Visitors with Gamification Apps



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About this webinar:

Facilitated by Marco Bertini from  MICC - Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Study Florence - in the webinar will be introduced two applications of the ReinHerit Toolkit, designed for the cultural heritage domain and that exploit gamification techniques in order to improve enjoyment and learning of museum artworks. The goal of “Strike a Pose” and “Face Fit” applications is to challenge the users to analyze and replicate artworks with their own body and face, obtaining information about the replicated artworks and personalized representations that can be shared on social networks.  A gamification approach is useful both for improving the skills and competencies of museum professionals and for engaging visitors in museum content through the design of playful and participative digital learning scenarios in a "play and interact" visiting style. In the presentation will be analyzed the technical requirements needed to develop this type of applications and the computer vision techniques needed to implement this type of interaction.

Engaging Museum Visitors with Gamification Apps

Engaging Museum Visitors with Gamification Apps


Marco Bertini is Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Florence, Italy. He is working at the Media Integration and Communication Center, where he serves as Director of the center. His research interests are focused on digital libraries, multimedia databases and social media analysis. On these subjects he has addressed semantic analysis, content indexing and annotation, semantic retrieval and semantic video transcoding.  He is author of 27 journal papers and more than 120 peer- reviewed conference papers.  He has been general co-chair, program co-chair and area chair of several international conferences and workshops (ACM MM, ICMR, CBMI, etc.), and was associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

Recording and slides:

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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