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Welcome to the ReInHerit Digital Hub

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August 19, 2022

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Welcome to the ReInHerit Digital Hub!
This is our first post, introducing the project and the hub. The H2020 ReInHerit project, led by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, and involving another 11 partners from 7 different EU countries.

ReInHerit aims to to disrupt the current status quo of communication, collaboration and innovation exchange between museums and cultural heritage sites. It proposes an innovative model of sustainable heritage management, through which a dynamic network will be born, including stakeholders in the heritage sector, in cultural tourism, in cultural policy, and audiences.

The Digital Hub is a key component of ReInHerit, since it will foster and support the development of a digital cultural heritage ecosystem, where all the key stakeholders (museums, heritage sites, policy makers, professionals and communities) will be able to discover the resources produced in the project, find and engaging new ways to discover local and European cultural heritage, and connect to each other.

The Hub has been developed by a team at the University of Graz, in the Centre for Information Modelling: Ass.Prof. Chiara Zuanni is the local PI leading this work-package, Sebastian Stoff has been the main developer working on the Hub, and Sina Krottmaier has been a key support in researching requirements and supporting the development process.

The development of the Hub (a key deliverable in WP4) was carried out between Autumn 2021 and Summer 2022, and all the Consortium partners have been involved in offering feedback and defining requirements. Equally, all Consortium partners will now begin to upload regular outputs and news to the Hub.

In particular, the Hub includes three main types of content and areas:

  1. Resources, produced within the ReInHerit project and targeted at heritage professionals. These include a toolkit (with Computer Vision applications and training material on their components and development process), a series of webinars (whose recordings and any added material will be made available on the Hub), documentation explaining the processes and methods used to develop the ReInHerit videogame and two immersive performances, documentation on the planning and collaboration methods used to develop a collaborative series of travelling and digital exhibitions and the ReInHerit eShop, reports and presentations on the Best Practices in cultural heritage management (as emerging from primary research conducted in the project). All this material will be uploaded between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023, so check the Hub for any update in the coming months!
  2. Networking area, with a Forum open to anyone interested in connecting and exchanging experiences on digital transformation, sustainability, and management in cultural heritage and tourism. Occasionally, in this area, there will be more opportunity to network, around the shared online collection, the events, and the outputs of the project.
  3. Engaging content, produced within the project with innovative collaborations and processes. Here, you will find the ReInHerit exhibitions and shared online collection, an eShop (with free digital products), downloadable apps and the videogame, and the promotion of the various events.

Follow the news on the Digital Hub, check out our products and research outputs, and join the conversation in the Forum!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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