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Strike a Pose - Description

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February 06, 2023

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MIT - CC BY 4.0

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Strike a Pose

Strike-a-pose is a web application based on Artificial Intelligenge and Computer Vision, which performs analysis and evaluation of human poses compared to poses present in famous paintings or statues.

The goal of this application is to challenge the user to analyze and replicate artworks with their own body a obtaining information on the artworks that are replicated and personalized artwork representations that can be shared on social networks.

Strike a Pose WebApp - Examples of pose matching

Strike a Pose WebApp - The user trying to strike the pose in the painting (playing in “easy" mode, with visible skeletons - Challenge completed: download the video.

The user is challenged to reproduce in sequence the poses of some artworks from the museum's collections. Once all the poses have been matched, the application allows the user to generate a video that can be saved for any social sharing and provide info on the artworks. The video shows the user matching process and the overall interactive experience lived at the museum.

User is able to create a room by selecting the number of participants (clients) i.e. whether to interact alone (Solo) or a challange with another user (Versus), setting the number of poses the number of rounds and the level of half bust or full body of the artwork. Once the room is created, user can share the id number to invite participants.

Strike a Pose - Setting the room

Strike a Pose - Setting the room

As part of the ReinHerit Toolkit, the application is designed for the cultural heritage domain and exploit gamification techniques in order to improve enjoyment and learning of museum artworks.

Strike a Pose - User Interaction during a test at ACM Multimedia 2022

Strike a Pose - User Interaction during a test at ACM Multimedia 2022

Strike a Pose - User Interaction during a test

The innovative application promotes a user-centred and gamification approach, a process of exploiting game strategies and dynamics in non-game scenarios. It has already been proved to be useful to enhance skills and competences in a variety of domains such as marketing, industry training and entertainment. Also cultural heritage can benefit from a gamification approach which represents an opportunity to engage visitors to museums contents through the design of more entertaining, social and challenging digital learning scenarios, to help museums to move from the traditional “look and do not touch” toward a “play and interact” approach.

This app won a Best Demo Honorable Mention award at ACM Multimedia 2022, the foremost conference on multimedia.

Best Demo Honorable Mention award at ACM Multimedia 2022

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Demo is available at this link:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

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